Eid Mubarak! (No Monday’s Video)

Heyy there guys!! Eid Mubarak to all the Muslims in the world!! I won't be doing this Monday's episode, since it's a holiday and it's time to visit family. Stay tuned, though, I have a crazy one prepared for next My Way Monday. My next video (5 Piece Makeup Magic) should be up on Wednesday.…Read more Eid Mubarak! (No Monday’s Video)

Killer Makeup

Sadly, the video will upload after midnight 😦 https://youtu.be/B1bI8cRIjHo Haiii :3 What's up? It's Monday- my way!  This time, I committed to researching on a serious health topic- what's in our makeup? f you're using tons of makeup and if you're a beauty killer- well you could be a beauty killed! I'm talking about all…Read more Killer Makeup

Dyed Hair Care

Wwwwwwelcome to the show where I do all things my way! In this episode I am giving tips for frequently dyed hair. After you watch the video, scroll down for additional information and tell me how these tricks worked for you. The products I mention in my video include: Black Line Chocolate and Keratin Hair mask…Read more Dyed Hair Care

How and Why: Hair Masks in Summer

Hey guys! This is the first topic for My Way Monday! I still didn't tell you what this column is for, but I'm starting a YouTube series bearing this name. I will explain the full content type that will be analyzed through this series. I can tell you right away that haircare is one of…Read more How and Why: Hair Masks in Summer

First blog post

Hello people! I thought about it a long time and decided to start my own blog! Let me introduce myself- my name is Esma, but I go under my artist name ArtLone. I’m 19 years old and I study Visual and Communication Design. My greatest passion in life is art (illustration, writing, singing, makeup art,…Read more First blog post