Episode 1


Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to launch the last first episode (lol, sounds like a paradox) on my blog called 5 PIECE MAKEUP MAGIC! You can probably guess that it’s about doing something to your face with 5 beauty products, but why’s it called magic? Because, we’re gonna create stunning night looks with this challenging approach. Let’s see how creative and resourceful we can be!! For the first episode, I used:

    • Avene Eau Thermale face creme for very dry skin ($9.50 in pharmacies)
    • Mac Liquid Foundation ($30, MAC store)
    • Mac retro matte lipstick in All Fired Up ($18, MAC store)
    • Rimmel London 5-piece eyeshadow palette ($8 in drugstores)
    • Mac volume lash mascara ($25, MAC store)

Don’t hold back from suggestions- your ideas are what makes me even more creative and inspires me to come up with even more crazy things!


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