Dyed Hair Care


Wwwwwwelcome to the show where I do all things my way! In this episode I am giving tips for frequently dyed hair. After you watch the video, scroll down for additional information and tell me how these tricks worked for you. The products I mention in my video include:

  • Black Line Chocolate and Keratin Hair mask (about $4 in my local professional hair care store)
  • Tahirovic 100% pure eteric oil shampoo and oily hair balsam ($3, look for equivalents in your local hair care shops)
  • Douglass compressed glitter spray ($6, available in douglass drug stores, though not sure if they exist outside Europe)
  • Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair repair Oil Elixir with UV filter ($8, local beauty supply store)

My Way Monday- Dyed Hair Care Tips

Here is some extra information you could use:

  • To maximize the effect of your hair mask, wash your hair in the evening and apply the mask on still partially wet hair. Put on a hair cap and close the gaps with a stretchy headband. Wash off the hair mask and dry your hair in the morning. Amazing results! 🙂



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