Hey guys! This is the first topic for My Way Monday! I still didn’t tell you what this column is for, but I’m starting a YouTube series bearing this name. I will explain the full content type that will be analyzed through this series. I can tell you right away that haircare is one of them! I know I’m probably the last one to post a summer hair-care tip, but the website planning took so long. I couldn’t just launch it in one day :/

Even though this year’s summer is almost over, there are still some of us planning last-minute soaks in some tropical or nearby seaside locations. Even if you’re not, you will still use this knowledge next summer, hehe.

Does your hair become coarse and like dry grass while you are enjoying your summer vacation? You thought nothing could ruin the wonderful time you’re having, but your hair keeps bothering you. If you’re dyed, there’s a bigger risk of the color fading quickly in he sun and the salt. Your hair needs protection just like your skin!

You can easily fix all this by using a great hair mask! “But how do I wear it in summer?! It won’t even have an effect after so much dipping in the sea,” you might be thinking. Fear not, cause their own personal test mouse (me, lol) has tried tons of tricks to find out which ones make my life easier. I have broken the code to hair masks in summer.

Basically, since you’re in the sea all day, you can’t be sitting and waiting to rinse of your mask after wearing it for approx. 30 minutes. What you will need during your summer vacation are two things: reconstrutive mask with a sun protection factor (or buy a hair SPF balsam/spray) and serum for your hair type (for shine or stronger cosmetic dye tint, etc.).

The first thing you can do is wash your hair every night, but use shampo only once every other or third day to prevent stripping of the scalp’s natural oils. Put on leave-in hair serum (the one you just apply to wet hair and dry it as-is). Wet your hair in the morning and ub in enough hair mask to make your hair smooth. If it doesn’t have SPF, put some hair spf product on top of the mask. As you have breakfast and get ready for the beach, the mask will dry off in hot weather. Rinse off your hair in the evening and that’s it!




The reason to leave hair masks on during the day is because they will not strip off completely while you go swimming in the salty water. This will provide protection against the harsh effects of the salt and sun (this is why I said “with SPF”). It really made my hair SUPER soft and strong 😀

I use Black Line Professional Keratin and Cocoa mask, which I found at a local haircare store. It’s paraben, sulphate and perfume-free, so it’s really good for my hair, plus it only cost a feww bucks for 500 ml! Here are some more masks which I woud reccommend you try:



  • Olaplex Step No. 3 ($27 on Amayon, 100 ml)
  • Schwarzkopf Bonacare intensive repair ($25.99, 200 ml, listed at $18 in average on Amazon)
  • Neutrogena Triple Moisture hair mask ($18.77 on Amazon for 3-pack, 250 ml, some listings at $12)

If you like this post, please leave me you comments and suggestions. Also share to spread the word, I’m really trying hard to create relevant and fun blogs :*










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